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Since 2000, InduSoft has been active in designing and implementing MES systems for continuous and discrete production processes. Such systems support implementation of all functional tasks applicable to operational planning, dispatching, control, metering and analysis on utilization of its resources by business enterprise at large (equipment, staff, tools and power resources). This way, they make it possible to attain the best cost efficiency available out of production operations.

We are also offering our customers comprehensive process automation solutions for local and geographically dispersed facilities (automated process control systems). Automated process control systems are all software and hardware products put together to maintain process control and management, to support data collection, processing and storage and alarms generation and to plot charts/schedules and reports.

Use of such systems makes it possible to reduce effects that may be produced by human factor upon the controlled process, to minimize raw material expenditures, to optimize equipment operation and to improve quality of products manufactured, which, eventually, brings about a major improvement in production efficiency.