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InduSoft designs software products usable to automate business processes usable for production management purposes.

  • LIMS I-LDS (Laboratory Information Management System)

A global solution to todays tasks of quality management at industrial enterprises, I-LDS Laboratory Information Management System enables specialists and consumers of products manufactured to always feel sure of findings that may be yielded by quality control at each phase of the production cycle. I-LDS largely reduces burden of work to be performed by laboratory personnel within tests and measurements and, thereby, facilitates more efficient uses of laboratory resources.

Download Brohure LIMS I-LDS (.pdf 2.04 Mb)

  • I-DRMS (Data Reconciliation Management System)

I-DRMS is intended for automation of calculations to be made of the approved material balances and for identification of loss sites (if any). Sophisticated tools of report generation, calculation and modeling make I-DRMS system indispensable within the overall production accounting system used by the business enterprise.

Download Brohure I-DRMS (.pdf 1.08 Mb)

  • I-EMS (Energy Management System)

I-EMS is designed for efficient metering of generation, distribution and consumption of electric, thermal and other power resources, and also for timely generation of data required for attending to purposes of economy and technology.

  • I-DS (Dispatch System)

I-DS is essential basis for comprehensive production management system integrating together data available on processes, power resources, quality and the approved material balances.