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InduSoft designs software products usable to automate business processes usable for production management purposes.

  • LIMS I-LDS (Laboratory Information Management System)

A global solution to todays tasks of quality management at industrial enterprises, I-LDS Laboratory Information Management System enables specialists and consumers of products manufactured to always feel sure of findings that may be yielded by quality control at each phase of the production cycle. I-LDS largely reduces burden of work to be performed by laboratory personnel within tests and measurements and, thereby, facilitates more efficient uses of laboratory resources.

Download Brohure LIMS I-LDS (.pdf 2.04 Mb)

  • I-DRMS (Data Reconciliation Management System)

I-DRMS is intended for automation of calculations to be made of the approved material balances and for identification of loss sites (if any). Sophisticated tools of report generation, calculation and modeling make I-DRMS system indispensable within the overall production accounting system used by the business enterprise.

Download Brohure I-DRMS (.pdf 1.08 Mb)

  • I-EMS (Energy Management System)

I-EMS is designed for efficient metering of generation, distribution and consumption of electric, thermal and other power resources, and also for timely generation of data required for attending to purposes of economy and technology.

  • I-DS (Dispatch System)

I-DS is essential basis for comprehensive production management system integrating together data available on processes, power resources, quality and the approved material balances.



OSIsoft (USA) is a world leader in software development for process control systems based on the real-time data. Through its long history, OSIsoft's PI System became a corporate standard for many companies in energy, oil and gas, chemical, metallurgy, pulp-and-paper industries, etc.

OSIsoft delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of time series data and events. A global base of more than 14,000 installations across manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers and process industries relies upon the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational and business data in order to manage assets, mitigate risks, improve processes, drive innovation, make business decisions in real time, as well as identify competitive business and market opportunities.

A Universal Platform that Improves Operations Across any Industry

OSIsoft Products

The PI System brings all operational data into a single system that can deliver it to users at all levels of the company - from the plant floor to the enterprise level. The PI System keeps business-critical data always online and available in a specialized time-series database by:

  • Gathering event-driven data, in real-time, from multiple sources across the plant and/or enterprise
  • Applying advanced analytical calculations and business rules to Contextualize and Analyze this data
  • Configuring smart and thin client tools to distribute and visualize knowledge/ information to display critical operational metrics and integrate the user experience across different roles within the enterprise.

The PI System functionality incorporates many features for analyzing, contextualizing, and visualizing real-time PI data, including:

  • RtPortal smart and thin client applications to display real-time PI data. Includes RtWebParts for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and RtPortal iViews for SAP Enterprise Portal (part of the SAP NetWeaver platform).
  • ProcessBook is a graphics package that enables users to create dynamic, interactive graphical displays
  • DataLink establishes a direct connection between the PI System and Microsoft Excel to create and publish reports and perform complex data analysis
  • RtReports is a process reporting solution that enables the production of reports for both real-time and historical data, from internal and external sources, such as relational and web service data
  • PI Notifications provides access to the configuration, management, delivery, acknowledgement and visualization of notifications.
  • MCN Health Monitor unifies and displays the real-time status of networks, devices, and applications to improve performance, reliability, and security

GE digital

GE Digital (USA)
, a part of GE (General Electric Company), offers the unique solution for integrated production automation systems from the APCS level to the MES level.

  • Software for automated process control systems 
Makes it possible to design an integrated intellectual system for production control, operational data collection and analysis, integration of production equipment and software packages usable in offices into an integrated network system

  • Software for MES 
Software usable for purposes of short-term and long-term planning, production process optimizing and performing customer orders within shorter dates


Stratus Technologies

For more than 30 years, Stratus Technologies (USA) has delivered the highest levels of uptime assurance for critical IT applications to organizations around the world. Stratus global support organization delivers proactive availability management and monitoring around-the-clock for its standards-based ftServer hardware and Avance software. A combination of advanced system diagnostics and preemptive remote intervention by Stratus availability experts prevents system downtime and data loss. 

Stratus Technologies solutions involve products and services customized to fit your business needs of maximum availability. Application downtime at the wrong time, even for just a moment, can have a severe impact on operations for businesses large and small. The risks include extreme financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, and even loss of life.

Stratus ftServer systems prevent downtime and data loss for essential business applications and services. These servers eliminate the complexity and costs of deploying and managing alternative high-availability and virtualization software solutions.

The seventh-generation 2710, 4710 and 6410 models utilize the Intel Xeon E5v2 processors to further extend the performance and capacity capabilities of ftServer systems. The previous generation ftServer 2700, 4700 and 6400 systems support the full suite of Windows, Linux and VMware operating environments on a stable, proven high-performance platform.


MPDV is a leading world supplier of MES solutions. The key project of MPDV is HYDRA software package, one of the best MES systems in the world ensuring efficient operation control at industrial enterprises, optimal operation planning (operational shop planning simulating the planning versions) and reasonable distribution of operational resources. 

MPDV founded in 1977 as an engineering company in Mosbach, Germany, MPDV Mikrolab GmbH is a leading IT systems supplier specializing in the capture and processing of manufacturing company data originating in production, human resources and quality assurance.