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Company profile


The Russian company InduSoft Ltd. was founded in 1996.

The company headquartered in Moscow has its branches in Saint Petersburg, Perm, Ivanovo, Volgograd, Innopolis.

InduSoft Main Activities:



InduSoft delivers integrated automation systems on the basis of advanced information technologies and software. The company has an extensive implementation experience in various industries: oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, metallurgy, energy, etc. InduSoft's experts have developed standard industry-specific solutions which fulfill the following functions: management and operational control, reconciliation of material, component and heat balances, metering of specific energy consumption, monitoring of equipment, analysis of actual production performance, etc. InduSoft employs experienced professionals who understand specific requirements of various industries. All experts are recertified annually to provide high-quality project implementation. Solutions delivered by the company are thoroughly architected to ensure high reliability and maximal performance.


InduSoft develops its licensed software according to the up-to-date international standards. Experienced developers and the efficient software development project management allow the company to implement sophisticated software solutions, many of which are 'one-of-the-kind'. 





InduSoft manufactures the licensed software programs specially for Russian market thus automating the tasks of the dispatching, calculation of material and energy balances,  and quality control. InduSoft completes "packaged programs" at customers' request. 

Since 2015 InduSoft Company is the member of Russian Software Developers' Association. 

InduSoft Dispatching System (I-DS)

I-DS, i.e. Dispatching System is intended for the automation of such manufacturing processes as the technological monitoring, control over the plan implementation, the manufacturing efficiency analysis. 

InduSoft Laboratory Data System (I-LDS)

I-LDS, i.e. Laboratory Data System is intended for the complex solution of modern problems related with the quality control of raw materials, semi-products and finished products at plants working in different sectors as well as the automation of in-house laboratory activities. 

Data Reconciliation Management System (I-DRMS)

I-DRMS backtracks the rough errors in accounting and balance data, detects measurement errors, finds the loss centers and forms the common approved mass balance with the help of automation.  

Energy Management System (I-EMS)

I-EMS is intended for the efficient accountability of the generated, distributed and consumed energy resources and for the calculation of energy balances.  



InduSoft Ltd. is an authorized distributor of GE Digital, OSIsoft and MPDV.  All of them being the world leaders at the industry automation market.

InduSoft is Microsoft Silver Certified Partner in the Application Development competency. This status confirms compliance with the requirements for Microsoft partners.